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of time for congress to talk about this. >> programs where you have changed money from one account to another. you cannot do that under this type of thing that we are talking about. >> some flexibility to rearrange funding programs. training and maintenance and so forth. reporter: remember that date for the federal for lysistrata? by midnight the next day, congress must pass a $900 billion spending bill to fund government operations wee a government shutdown takes place with worse consequences than the $850 billion aggressor. it has been scheduled this way since january. lawmakers knew that they could use the bill funding government operations to adjust where the cuts get made. if it doesn't get fixed, republicans now say that there is only one place to look. >> of the president chooses not to use that and goes after high-profile spending cuts, and that is a choice that what he will have made for political reasons four the president, for the fourth year in a row has not produced a budget proposal on time. it is not expected before the end of march. the next three months will see li
the cypress government changed its mind. the central bank here as well as the finance minister decided to open all the banks on thursday rather than staggering with some openings on tuesday. by that time, lou, people will be without banks on this island nation for 12 full days. they were told to keep calm, but that could be difficult. lou: i'm sure it is difficult, and difficult as well, days ago, we heard they had just a few days of food supplies, grocery stores were running short of food stocks for the shelf. what is that situation? is there now food in this bailout that will make that -- going to decrease the food problem? >> the supplies here okay, lou. gas was short because people were hording. what they are running short on is cash. right now, the atms are limited to 100 euros, that's $130 per day, and that is a big problem for the folks here, and one more point is people forget that a lot of people do their banking online. again, for 12 days, the folks here have not been able to do any kind of online banking, any kind of electronic transfers, using the banking system..3 i spoke to one e
proposition. >> reporter: epa says the gasoline change reducing sulphur by two-thirds would not go into effect for four years and would have the pollution impact of taking 30 million cars off the road. the agency says the change would cost about a penny per gallon. critics say it would be more like a dime. the epa says 29 of the nation's 111 refineries already meet the sulfur standard in only 16 would need major modifications. public citizen's think the industry is exaggerating the cost. >> this is kind of game that people play if you don't want to -mbark upon the required necessary investments in refining infrastructure you paint a doom and gloom scenario. >> reporter: officials say the changes would prevent tens of thousands of child respiratory ailments since a 2400 lives per year, but obama congressman wants proof of that. >> my child has as much. i get this. and the stand this, but you cannot just make a unilateral declaration and have some capricious new regulation come out that actually does not have the real effect other than just raising prices. >> reporter: automakers support the cha
friend. but, it changes the definition of what it means to be a friend. and that is, it seems to me what the supporters of proposition 8 are saying here, all you are interested in is the label and insist on changing the definition of the label. >> reporter: justice anthony kennedy who many believe could serve as the swing vote in the case signaled he is empathetic to how the courts ruling will impact the children of same sex couples. >> there are 40,000 children, according to the brief, that live with same sex parents and they want their parents to have full recognition and full status. the voice of those children is important in this case, don't you think? >> reporter: despite the comment he cautioned the court is wading into uncharted waters and said at one point is not sure the case is properly before the court. there are technical issues regarding the standing of the case, and, several argued they never met to the merits of the case. lou. >> shannon bream, fox news supreme court correspondent. our first guest here tonight to further ajude indicate the proposition 8 -- ajudjudicate t
. >> to implement any primary changes, the republican national committee days the cooperation of states and democrats. and it is reopening old g.o.p. rifts of amnesty. lou: thank you very much. more on the future of the republican party coming up here next. republican party trying to figure out what it has done wrong for two presidential elections, we will have the report. really bad politics, sean matthews joins us to tell us what is next. the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone wants... ♪ 50% more doo wop ♪ 50% more buckarooooooooos ♪ 50% more yeeeaaahhhh!!!! ♪ 50% more yeah yeah [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase, plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. ♪ 50% more boogie ♪ what's in your wallet? cashhhhh!!! ♪ what's in your wallet? a brand new start. your chae to rise and shine. with centurylink as your trusted technologyartner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure,
? >> i hear you, he has not changed his leadership-type. his leadership skills are not there, he is still the amateur. lou: and goes after bob woodward, who has recanted his inintimatetions of threat, and d gene sperling over for sunday lunch or brunch. >> he invited the president too. lou: who not go. >> i think that bob woodward's sin was to demolish the very center of the president's campaign against the republicans, this sequester was there fault, and wood ward pointed out it of the the president's idea in the first place, he moved goal post, that undermined whole tactic. lou: gene sperling acknowledged that out loud in front of bob woodward and god everyone and important, including the american people. >> i see the fine hand of david axelrod behind this. it appears that what this presidentments to do is kind of -- president wants to do is just go through first two years of second term, and get a democratic house and pass these liberal bills. lou: that is a lovely thought for the president but there is a matter of perhaps republican resistance. we see if they learn anything about gran
is probably a reasonably good one. and with that, the obama administration changed its mind in 2010, kt. >> right. lou: he does not, the good mayor, want to in any way disturb the tranquility of the obama administration this time. >> well, if it was going to be a problem with khalid sheikh mohammed, it's going to be a problem with this guy too. and all of the security issues, the expense of it, the vulnerability of new york and particularly now when we are told time and time again the latest threat is not al-qaeda in pakistan, it's not al-qaeda even in yemen to the united states, it's the lone wolf. and that's the guy you never see coming, and that's the guy that's going to head to manhattan. lou: i want to turn to hugo chavez who the funeral in venezuela today. the u.s. delegation led by congressman gregory meeks, former congressman bill dell a hand, wiewl castro there, sean penn, of course, and jesse jackson. jackson giving a eulogy. your thoughts, ambassador, on the representation of the united states in venezuela. >> well, i would not have sent a delegation from washington. that's w
in this white house. either he is going to change or the press is going to change, the truth will come out because there is no more tolerance for the kind of misstatements and this action. lou: i think you're exactly right. this in a strange way began with our white house correspondent ed henry reacting with his colleagues the very simple fact they were kept out of a three-day weekend by this president and then all that has happened from that. thank you very much. much more on the false claims of sequester armageddon, pucker lips, national media certainly not so compliant and it certainly not complicit with this presidency. >> a wall street legend sounds the alarm for america's coming entitlement crisis. we will show you what he says it will be worse than 2008 in tonight's "chalk talk." a big bubble in china. moody's chief economist joins us, he tells us what will happen to our economy if china's construction bubble finally bursts. next. with the spark cash card from capital one... boris earns unlimited rewards for his small business. can i get the smith contract, ease? thank you. that's t
aid? >> it is very difficult to tell what he wants, seems to change from time to time. it's more important for the american people to get what they want, surely there is no reason for any american to ever have died in afghanistan for the sake of afghan freedom. we went there to destroy our enemies. we failed to do that, we're only in the country now because president obama wants to be able to say on the eve of the next congressional election that he pulled all the boys out from afghanistan. american people are really on a loose thought here. we have been defeated in that country and in the muslim world it will have a galvanizing effect just as the defeat of the soviets had a galvanizing effect of usama bin laden. lori: perhaps the secretary is the right person to smooth this over and make its not a failure to the u.s. >> if a foreigner goes in there, he asked because much of the enemy as he can and get out very quickly. we went and killed almost no one in state for 12 years to try to create a democracy where it was impossible to do that. lori: very sad. north korea scrapping at t
website the president has more detail about changes to major programs like medicare and social security. >> have elected the ryan but the? can you find a single item, a single loophole closed? $5 trillion. $5 trillion. that's a lot of money. >> not one. >> reporter: is the president went behind closed doors today their release to the budget plan and medicare and medicaid are left alone, raising questions about whether the president will be able to give his fellow democrats to support the entitlement reform he is pledged with house leader nancy pelosi suggesting that she does not want to touch entitlements. >> of the point is to take trophies, that does nottsave money. it is a solution. >> tomorrow the president meets with house republicans. questions of whether the averages for show after an unnamed white house official told national journal this is a joke. we are wasting the president's time and ours. i hopehe wall, in the media, are happy because we are doing it for you. >> i have no ide who said that, but i can tell you that opinion has never been voiced in my presence or the preside
and immigration orange alma reform, he needs to change his rhetoric a little bit and quit talking about getting this and getting that. lou: congressman, you are a straight talking congressman. in 2010 we saw republicans do pretty well. 2012, you republicans were trying to run an election. now the president seems to want to run another election and take the house of representatives back in 2014. i personally see that as politics and nothing for anyone to get excited about. the fact is time we talked about the ideological divide between youtube. there is nothing. there is nothing new about that in my opinion. why is it that you all cannot just talk? >> just talked? well, it is tough in one hour to unlock the mysteries of the wod. lou: first of all, if we are going to get to that level we don't want you folks doing it. all right? >> of albany. i don't want to be in the room. nothing paul ryan might to do it, but the rest of us probably coul't. immigration reform, there may be an opportunity there to do some things, some things, but as soon as you try out the word mprehensive immigration reform, th
the change of heart. the cynical me is probably the more -- the feeling that is stronger in this will in the pad for israel. lo do you agree? >> well, i am in washington. i only need the cynical. the other is largely in this use for the president. in no way, cynically speaking, this was the last campaign stop of the 2012 campaign in a lot of ys. this was a make-good, a promise to jewish-american voters who had some deep, deep reservations based upon what we -- what you guys were just talking about about the president's commitment to the state ofsrael and is very bad relationship with prime minister nothing of. the chairwoman of the dnc was on this trip. it was no accident. as it relates to the iranian issue, it is funny if we look at the ticktock can see back in time, the president started out when he was running for office saying we will have direct engagement in diplomacy. now the president has gone falls -- full circle and made it back to taking the same position as george w. bush. funny thi. lou: the progress toward a more constrained iran has ended in this issue in t
, you get hives, vision changes or eye pain, or problems passing urine. other side effects include dry mouth and constipation. nothing can reverse copd spiriva helps me breathe better. (blowing sou) ask your doctor about spiriva. lou: the first major legal battle -- in an arizona federal court attorneys for five illegal immigrants argue they are eligible to remain in the united states than they are challenging the legality of the state government. as jim never were denies licenses the state says deportation does not confer the lawful status if it does not entitle them to public benefits the judge said he will issue a ruling over the next few weeks. my next guest am are with us. good to have you. there are only three states in the union in mexico, washington, utah that permit licenses for illegal immigrants. what could be wrong with the executive order in arizona? >> let me ask you. >> the issue boils down to executive order as the supreme law of the land and will this be allowed? is said police power? is it a privilege and what entitles tte immigrant to that status they are able to be
has to be their friend, i suppose you can force the child to say this is my friend but it changes the definition. that is what seems to me, what is important, they're saying, all you're interested in is the level. >> the justice signaled he is sympathetic to have the court's ruling will impact the children. >> some 40,000 children live with same-sex parents. they want their parents to have full recognition in full status. the voice of the children's importance. >> he's not sure the case is properly before the court justices signaled that they may not even get to the marriage of -- merits of this case. lou: thank you very much. our first guest here tonight to further educate the proposition eight case to evaluate the possible ramifications, political ramifications, fox news digital politics and there. great to see you. and with me here. great to have you here. first, i have to ask you. i listened to the report as chief justice roberts is talking about the definition of a friend and then at the analog with the support. i have o say to my have never said this before, but that was no
. final jeopardy. $100,000 for review game about aliens saving plan is to climate change. real or fake? >> what is the answer? >> israel. you are the winner of this court is an authentic and bloodied meat cleaver. >> no way i can leave the building with that. the moment i walked out i've arrested by security. [laughter] john: it is silly but it makes a point* the next time politicians say recant that remember there's so much garbage sometimes you cannot tell what is fake. that's our show. thank you for watching. i am john stossel. good night. president obama promised it wouldn't happen, but now it is here. sequestration has arrived, the senate today voted down two separate proposals. it was at least a day of bipartisan fertility as they were voted down. the two bills were the final chance for congress to replace the arbitrary sequester spending cutshat go into effect tomorrow. incredibly the g.o.p. proposal would have conveyed congressional discretionary power to the president to determine how $44 billion in cuts would be applied specifically to the budget. presidt obama, however, not
, but at the end of the day i don't think it will change anything. >> the supreme court has ruled in two major decisions, you are allowed to have a gun as a citizen of the united states of america, but the government can control who has it. if you're a felon or have mental illness or something else that would highlight. we can't give you this. lou: people start talking about universal background checks. i have had people try to, you know, be as me on the show to give me to say i am all about universal back rent checks. the fact is committed to you do business with. what is involved. right now the mental health of the psychologists and psychiatrists of this country have not moved one step on sharing health information. >> there is a problem. the socialization movement. trying to get mentally ill people hospitalized. lou: out in people with a straight face a this is about control when the last five tragedies have been by an absolute not job. >> it's a very concrete way of looking at the situation and what happened in canada it, it was like that september 11th of kids. all of these people are com
metric up 541. in that credit market, the ten year treasury and change, they yield 185, 185. 176 back at the beginning of the year. president obama's epa pushing ahead with new regulations that will require cleaner gasoline beginning tomorrow. in so doing, the epa will ignore the protest of republicans, conservative democrats, the auto industry. if you want to know the likely impact with no further than california. the national average of gasoline is 365 now. that is the aaa average, but the average price in california is much higher. $4.5 a gallon is the highest price in the country. why so? federal and state taxes having $0.67 per gallon there. what is really adding to the price in california, the state has the strictest set of regulations for gasoline in the country. my next guest says investor confidence is improving, and why not. with all of these records. it remains fragile as the markets continued their record run, joining us now. harvey eisen, chairman of wright innestors' service holdings. good to have you here. >> good to be here. and from the best of reasons you know what y
as the executive order or a change as a result of the deportation order it is a startling trend or attention is not brought to either. now let's turn to the export -- expert witness what you make of this man? has he destroyed single-handedly whenever there was for the defense? >> he tries to find any reasonable doubt and says there is a possibility there is a psychological disorder so they could find her not guilty of premeditated murders and he is there to get a juror to think maybe there is a psychological issue we cannot grasp, he is the expert and we should rely on him cement she puts forward a self-defense claim but testifying over 18-- she never said the words you need to say with self-defense and actually said she was not in favor -- in fear. said now they bring in the expert that she is sufferingg3 from posttraumatic stress disorder so when he moved a certain way she had that fight or flight to mentality that is what is going on in her mind. i don't think it will work but she probably will not get said death penalty because she was on the stand so long. >> bringing it ready yet to da
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Search Results 0 to 49 of about 56 (some duplicates have been removed)